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DevOps Exchange - Ft. Arctiq, Luxoft, Raj Kumar

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

The DevOps Exchange returned to Toronto on the 27th June, where it was hosted by DevOps transformation service provider, Arctiq. For this event, we were joined by three remarkable companies who delved into the latest developments and trends in the DevOps realm. For this event, we were joined by; Luxoft, a digital strategy and software engineering firm, technovation maestro Raj Kumar and our hosts, Arctiq. For those of you that couldn't make the event last night, we have put together a short summary below so that you are up-to-date with what was covered. Finally, we have a host of events scheduled over the next few months in Toronto and details of the next event will be announced on our Meetup group very soon. Stay tuned!

Our latest #DOXTOR event was hosted by Arctiq where we were joined by; Eugene Trufanov @ Luxoft, Greg Robinson @ Arctiq and technovation maestro Raj Kumar. Eugene Trufanov, Lead DevOps Engineer @ Luxoft "Unstuck" Our first talk was delivered by Lead DevOps Engineer, Eugene Trufanov from digital strategy and software engineering firm, Luxoft. Eugene gave an insightful talk explaining how to avoid 'career plateaus' and instead, how to reignite growth in senior DevOps positions. He also shared his personal experiences and valuable insights from his DevOps journey so far to enable the audience to navigate challenges, develop key skills, and seize new opportunities. View Eugene's slides here.

Greg Robinson, Delivery Consultant @ Arctiq "Label Driven Release Automation with Github Actions" On stage next we welcomed Greg Robinson from our hosts at Arctiq. Greg highlighted to the audience the importance in implementing a release automation strategy for your git repositories and how in doing so it can help manage code changes in repositories at scale. Raj Kumar, Former Director of Engineering "The Journey of Leadership and DevOps" Our third and final talk was delivered by Raj Kumar, Former Director of Engineering and technovation maestro. Raj took the audience through his inspiring journey showcasing the power of empowerment, continuous improvement, and the positive impact of embracing change in the pursuit of organizational success. View Raj's slides here.

As always, thank you to everyone who made the event. However, if you couldn't make it, don't worry. Our next event is scheduled for the 27th July and will be announced very soon, details of the event will be published on our Meetup page. The DevOps Exchange Community is growing, so be sure to follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn to keep up to date with new locations, events and speakers. DOX Events are organised by LinuxRecruit - Continuous Delivery of top tech talent to innovative businesses. Check out our live vacancies today


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