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DevOps Exchange London May - TUI, Greenpeace, Terasky

Following another hugely successful evening last Thursday at the DevOps Exchange, thank you to everyone who joined us!

For the second time, our friends at Zuhlke Engineering hosted the event and all seats were filled as we tuned in to three insightful talks from; Corcoran Smith @ TUI, Joe Goodings @ Greenpeace and John Boero @ Terasky.

First up on stage, we welcomed Corcoran Smith from TUI who talked us through current runtime findings in their AWS Security Hub, and the steps they take to prioritise threats.

Next up, Joe Goodings from Greenpeace dived into some of the learning points Greenpeace discovered on their journey from a traditional operations team to a Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) team, specifically focusing on their Automation Ecosystem, as this is the defining differentiate between operation and SRE.

Last but certainly not least, John Boero from Terasky joined us to talk around the future of DevOps and Platform Engineering in a world of AI. John dived into the history of GenAI and LLMs, and gave us a breakdown of what's possible today and how tomorrow's LLM innovation may affect infrastructure management.

During his talk, John gave the audience a challenge to come up with the most interesting LLM completion challenge for DevOps. So much like the completion quiz John did during his talk, showing AI solving a complex challenge or problem in a DevOps scenario.

If you would like to enter this competition to win a AMD Radeon VII GPU, please email all answers to The winner will be announced at our next event, taking place on the 27th June (details to be announced shortly on our Meetup page).

Finally, thank you to all of our speakers for their insightful talks, Zuhlke Engineering for hosting and to everyone who was involved in making it a success!

We look forward to seeing many of you at our next event in July.


The DOXLON team


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