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DevOps Exchange Manchester June - AWS, Michael Pearce, Zuhlke Engineering

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us for last week’s DevOps Exchange Manchester event, hosted by our friends at Zuhlke Engineering.

We welcomed a full house as we tuned in to 3 inspiring talks from; Grace Shaffi, Solutions Architect @ AWS, Michael Pearce, Head of Information Security & Compliance and Stefan Stanković, Software Engineer @ Zuhlke Engineering.

First up, Grace from AWS took the stage and dived into ‘automating deployment with CI/CD and GitOps’ including a breakdown of DevOps CI/CD vs. GitOps and its common problems (including automation, consistency and versioning) and best practice when managing containerised workloads with GitOps.

View the presentation slides here.

Next up, Michael joined us (who is no stranger to the DevOps stage, having joined for an event last year) to talk around ‘Automating Documentation using Google Apps Script’.

Michael shared with us his interface for Google sheets, Docs and Google App Script and dived into why DevOps is all about autonomy, self-sufficiency, standardisation and collaboration.

We explored starting a Google App script project, adding Scopes (docs, drive, etc) and then creating a document with data from sheets. Michael also went into great detail on script properties (like environment variables), and how to create hyperlinks to any new documents, updating the source spreadsheet and then linking it to related documents in google doc.

Last, but certainly not least, Stefan from our hosts at Zuhlke Engineering joined us to explore sustainability in AWS Cloud. 

Stefan dived into the history of IT C02 emissions and its impact on global warming, the sustainability goal of Coop OneWeb and how Zuhlke Engineering measures its sustainability metrics in AWS.

We were also given some great tips on how we can optimise storage (Reduce unused storage, Archive rarely used data) and compute resources (Use EC2 spot instances (unused EC2), Autoscaling, Adopt Graviton instance, Go serverless) to reduce C02 emissions moving forward.

View the presentation slides here.

Finally, thank you to all of our speakers for their insightful talks, Zuhlke Engineering for hosting and to everyone who was involved in making it a success!

Our next event will be scheduled soon on our Meetup group. Please subscribe to ensure you don’t miss our next announcement!

We look forward to seeing you all very soon.


The DOXMAN team


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