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DevOps Exchange Manchester - Overmind, Zencore

Join us on Thursday 18th January as the DevOps Exchange Manchester returns for its first event of 2024, hosted by Bruntwood SciTech at Manchester's Technology Centre.

Join us as we welcome to the stage Gary Bowers from Zencore, a consulting and services firm which specialising in managed solutions and migration services and Dylan Ratcliffe from Overmind, an automated pre-mortem platform and SaaS Terraform impact analysis tool.

First up, Gary from Zencore will demonstrate how to Deploy LLM's to Google Cloud in order to create and train your own self-hosted large language model using GKE and all the DevOps tools you know and love.

We then have Dylan from Overmind who will take us through his Loom journey, a platform which currently boasts over 18 million users. Listen to what went wrong during its nightmare AWS outage and the measures that we can all put in place to prevent similar issues from happening again.

*Interested in speaking at this event? We are currently looking for a third speaker to join us! If interested, please email

Doors will open at 6:30pm with the talks starting at 7:00pm. Drinks and refreshments will be provided by our hosts at Bruntwood SciTech (thank you!).

Please RSVP here as soon as possible to secure your spot.


7:00pm - Gary Bowers, Principal Cloud Architect @ Zencore "Training LLM's on Google Kubernetes Engine"

Deploy LLM's to Google Cloud to create and train your own self hosted large language model using GKE and all the DevOps tools you know and love.

Bio: A Principal Cloud Architect with Zencore, 10 year Google Cloud user, ex-Googler, Application Modernisation specialist, Kubernetes and Service Mesh aficionado.

7:20pm - Dylan Ratcliffe, Founder & CEO @ Overmind

"Loom’s nightmare AWS outage and how it could have been prevented"

The year Loom had a nightmare outage that keeps me up at night because of how easily it could have happened to anyone. In this talk I'll cover what went wrong, and what all of us can put in place to prevent similar issues from happening to us.

Bio: Dylan is the Founder & CEO of Overmind, a company that automates pre-mortem checks to ensure your cloud changes don’t cause outages like Loom’s did. He has a background in DevOps and was a Professional Services engineer at Puppet before starting Overmind.

We look forward to seeing many of you in the New Year!


DevOps Exchange Manchester

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