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DevOps Exchange May - Toronto Ft. theScore, Kubefirst, Canvass AI

Last night the DevOps Exchange hosted yet another successful in Downtown Toronto and what a great evening it was! Featuring 3 speakers and over 125 attendees, all of our speakers delivered a host of powerful talks around the DevOps Market including trends and predictions for the future. We heard from open source application delivery and infrastructure management GitOps platform Kubefirst, Software Development company, Canvass AI and finally our hosts at theScore. For those of you that couldn't make the event last night, we have put together a short summary below so that you are up-to-date with what was covered.

Hosted in Downtown Toronto at theScore's impressive office space on Toronto's Sugar Beach, we were joined by; Ashish Bhatia @ Canvass AI, Frédéric Harper @ Kubefirst and Shlomo Bielak from our hosts @ theScore. Ashish Bhatia @ Canvass AI “Debugging Kubernetes common problems” First up on stage, we welcomed Ashish Bhatia, a DevOps Engineer at Canvass AI who shared with the audience tips and advice for understanding Kubernetes common problems/issue and debugging steps. View the slides here.

Frédéric Harper @ Kubefirst "Git Shit Done, the GitOps Way" Frédéric Harper, Principal Developer at Kubefirst then took the audience on a container orchestration journey by introducing the audience to the world of GitOps. The talk gave the audience advice on how to reach the path to success for implementing Continuous Deployment (CD) for cloud native applications. He gave attendees an introduction to GitOps, and explained how it will help individuals better collaborate with their teams, deploy and iterate faster within a more secure environment, all whilst saving costs along the way. View Frédéric's slides here.

Shlomo Bielak @ theScore "DevOps Happiness - Going from confidence in production to confidence for production" Our third and final talk of the evening came from Shlomo Bielak, VP of Engineering at theScore. Shlomo's talk was based around CI/CD models, where he explained to the audience what it is to have confidence for production practice. View Shlomo's slides here.

Thank you to everyone who made the events last night. If you couldn't make it last night, don't worry. Our next event will be announced very soon, details of the event will be published on our Meetup page. We hope to see you at the next event! The DevOps Exchange Community is growing, be sure to follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn to keep up to date with new locations, events and speakers. DOX Events are organised by LinuxRecruit - Continuous Delivery of top tech talent to innovative businesses. Check out our live vacancies today


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