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DevOps Exchange New York City - Rokt, AWS, Sal Furino

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Join us on Thursday 31st August as the DevOps Exchange New York City returns for its next event where we will be joined by; Customer Reliability Engineering specialist, Sal Furino,AWS and our hosts Rokt, a global leader in ecommerce technology & software solutions at their impressive office space in New York City.

Sal Furino will talk us through 9 of the common issues that are encountered while attempting to implement SLOs and how to get the most value out of the SLOs you create.

Our hosts for the evening, Rokt will then take the stage to talk about their new approach to simplifying their authentication system including key themes of using a service mesh and edge gateway with Istio and Envoy.

Finally, we have AWS who will be providing an in-depth technical exploration of leveraging AWS CloudFormation to articulate infrastructure programmatically through code, all while adhering to best practices.

The event will open at 5:30pm and will consist of 3 x 20 minutes talks starting at 6:00pm.

Please RSVP as soon as possible to avoid missing out!

Click here to attend this event.


Sal Furino, Customer Reliability Engineering Specialist

"9 Things You Should Do When Starting to Use SLOs"

There is much literature out there describing what SLOs are and how calculate them. However incubating SRE and observability culture at organizations can be challenging. Additional guidance is often needed to coach organizations in how to use SLOs. SLOs can empower conversations, enhance understanding of the mental model of a service, and what actions to take towards its reliability.

As a Customer Reliability Engineer I’ve witnessed many organizations encounter stumbling blocks while attempting to implement SLOs. This talk will discuss 9 of the common issues that are encountered while attempting to implement SLOs and how to get the most value out of the SLOs you create.

Bio: Sal Furino is a Customer Reliability Engineer. During his career he’s worked as a TPM, SRE, Developer, Sys Admin, and IT support. While not working he enjoys cooking, gaming, traveling, skiing, and golfing. Sal lives in Queens with his partner and has a BS in Applied Mathematics from Marist College.

Calvin Barker, Software Engineering Manager @ Rokt

"Edge-Terminating Authentication: How we're consolidating our authentication strategies for a more pleasant experience"

In this talk, we will explore Rokt's new approach to simplifying our authentication system. We'll discuss the key themes of using a service mesh and edge gateway with Istio and Envoy, terminating existing authentication methods at the edge to issue a standardized identity token, and finally validating those tokens with a lightweight public key distribution system using JSON Web Key Sets (JWKS) on AWS. This combined strategy not only improves Rokt's security posture but also streamlines the developer experience.

Bio: Calvin Barker leads the Auth team at Rokt. His passions include designing ultra-fast and highly-available systems, helping others become more productive, and struggling to do Monday NYTimes Crosswords.

Matteo Rinaudo, Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS

"AWS CloudFormation - techical introduction"

In this session, Matteo will go over a technical overview of how you can use AWS CloudFormation to programmatically describe infrastructure with code, and with best practices.

Bio: Matteo Rinaudo is a Senior Developer Advocate for AWS CloudFormation. Matteo is passionate about the DevOps mindset, loves to write software, to build solutions, and to describe infrastructure with code. You can find Matteo on Twitter at @mrinaudo.

We look forward to seeing you on what looks to be a great night.

All the best,

The DOXNY team

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