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DevOps Exchange NYC - ActionIQ, Google, John Wiley & Sons

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Event details:

111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030

Thursday 27th July 2023 | 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Come and join us on Thursday, July 27th for our next DevOps Exchange New York City event as we are joined by; Google, ActionIQ and our hosts for the evening John Wiley & Sons at their HQ in Hoboken, New Jersey.

We'll hear from tech giant, Google on the latest insights and surprises from DORA research, the largest and longest running research program of its kind.

Next up we have Customer Data Platform ActionIQ who will be giving the audience an overview of their Jenkins journey and lessons learnt so far.

Finally, our hosts for the evening, John Wiley & Sons will then take the stage to talk about the best ways to cultivate a seamless DevOps culture.

The event will open at 5:30pm and will consist of 3 x 20 minutes talks starting at 6:00pm.

To RSVP please click here.


"Cultivating a DevOps Culture: Seamless Transformation & Maximum Velocity"

The key to a successful DevOps deployment is being able to measure operational and business value.

Learn from Wiley's foray into DevOps in an engineering-centric approach. Learn about the best practices for mapping IaC repositories to the CMDB and gain insights into automating change management while meeting high compliance policies.

Explore the tangible benefits Wiley has experienced, including the ability to capture the four key DORA metrics (deployment frequency, lead time, MTTR and change failed %) to significantly improve deployment throughput and software quality.

Elina Gilels bio: is a results-oriented IT Sr. Manager with a progressive career in major financial institutions, bringing extensive experience in technology, global operations, product, infrastructure, and architecture.

David Thatcher bio: David is an entrepreneurial-minded technical professional with over 30 years of IT experience. His expertise spans various areas, including DevOps, Agile Development, IT Service Management (ITSM), and the ITIL framework.

Fedor Terlov bio: Fedor is the Senior Director of the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Team. Fedor has extensive experience leading development teams, quality assurance teams, and was instrumental in establishing the current Site Reliability Engineering team at John Wiley & Sons.

"New insights and surprises from DORA research"

The craft of software development is something that everyone can continuously improve, and in doing so, deliver more satisfied users, more successful organizations, and happier engineers. While each team has a unique path forward, there are universal themes and beneficial practices that can be observed across organizations. Discovering these is the mission of the DevOps Research and Assessment group.

This talk presents key findings, some unexpected surprises, and actionable recommendations that you can put into practice today, in order to deliver your product faster, more safely, and more contentedly

Dave Stanke bio: I’m a DevOps Advocate for Google Cloud Platform. My job is about talking with DevOps practitioners: listening to stories, telling stories, sharing a healthy cry.

"Our Jenkins Journey: Lessons Learned"

We adopted Jenkins as our CI/CD system and as a general automation solution here at ActionIQ because of its maturity, and because it has a massive market share in the CI/CD ecosystem. With a large community, extensive plugin library, and a long-maintained core codebase, we thought Jenkins was a reasonable choice.

During this talk, I'd like to convince anyone thinking about adopting Jenkins to consider other paths. We will cover a handful of the sharp edges and thorns built into Jenkins, as well as some of the poor decisions we made while implementing Jenkins at ActionIQ. Hopefully we can save some other startups the pain we felt while developing our CI/CD system.

Tim Murphy Bio: As ActionIQ's Developer Experience tech lead, Tim strongly values the human beings in the software development process, and he aims to support them with quality tools, systems, processes, and education.

We look forward to seeing you on what looks to be a great night.

All the best,

The DOXNY team

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