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DevOps Exchange - Toronto, Ft. Finastra, Wave HQ, KPMG

Last night we had the pleasure of meeting many new faces in the local Toronto community for our second ever installment of DOXTOR - DevOps Exchange Toronto, and what a great evening it was! With over 130 in attendance, we heard from 3 superb speakers who covered all of the latest development in DevOps and their experiences and lessons learnt during their career so far. Our speakers included; Wave HQ, Finastra Canada and KPMG Canada, who were our great hosts for the evening. Surrounded by great views and even better company, the event was a great success all-round. If you couldn't attend the event last night, don't worry! We have put together a short summary below so that you are up-to-date with what was covered. We have also added a selection of photos to highlight just how great the event was (and the views!), to ensure you don't miss the next one! Our next DevOps Exchange - Toronto event is scheduled to take place on the 25th of May and will be hosted by theScore, a Score Media and Gaming company which empowers millions of sports fans through its digital media and sports betting products. Speakers for this event will be announced shortly via our Meetup page here. Make sure that you are subscribed to our local community to ensure that you don't miss out.

Hariprasad Duba, Head of DevOps @ Finastra "Effective Source Code Management in DevOps world"

During this talk, Hari discussed the various concepts and important aspects of Source Code Management and gave the audience some thought-provoking ideas on effective thoughts in relation to branching, artifact promotion and release deployments to target environments. Dan Green-Leipciger, Senior Engineering Manager @ Wave HQ "To Kubernetes and Beyond: A brief history of modernization at Wave"

Dan Green-Leipciger, a senior employee at Wave HQ gave the audience a detailed overview of the company and explained exactly why they chose to migrate to Kubernetes, and how it fits into their current DevOps transformation. Griffin Tanner, Data Scientist @ KPMG "NLP Tools and their Capabilities"

Griffin at KPMG spoke to the audience at length about various NLP tools including ChatGPT and why it's taken the world by storm in the domain of NLP, however as easy as it has made many of our jobs, there are some useful tools for building robust NLP solutions which should not be overlooked. SpaCy is an NLP library for Python which provides tools for textual information extraction. Hugging Face is an AI community which develops NLP tools and hosts a repository for models and datasets. When you combine all of these tools together, they can be used to perform powerful document analysis. Again, thank you to everyone who made the event last night and we hope to see you at the next event! The DevOps Exchange Community is growing, be sure to follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn to keep up to date with new locations, events and speakers. DOX Events are organised by LinuxRecruit - Continuous Delivery of top tech talent to innovative businesses. Check out our live vacancies today.


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