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Inaugural DevOps Exchange New York City - Spotify, Microsoft, Google

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Last night we hosted our first ever onsite DevOps Exchange New York City event and our 3rd Meetup this week as part of our tour, and what an event it was with over 140 in attendance! To mark this special occasion we welcomed to the stage 3 of the biggest names in today's tech; Spotify, Microsoft and the ultimate tech giants, Google, who were also our hosts for the evening at their amazing office on Pier 57 overlooking the Hudson River and City skyline. The DevOps Exchange NYC Meetup group has actually been up and running for quite some time, but when Covid hit we were forced to run online-only events, so it was great to finally get the opportunity to meet many of you face to face. If you couldn't attend the event last night, don't worry! We have put together a short summary below so that you are fully up-to-date with what was covered. We have also added some photos to highlight just how great the event was to ensure you don't miss the next one! We are also just in the process of finalising the details for our next DevOps Exchange New York City event, so make sure that you are subscribed to our local community to ensure that you don't miss out.

Claire Casey and John Philip Software Engineers from Spotify "Backstage: The future of Developer Experience" Firstly, we were joined by Software Engineers Claire and John from Spotify who gave us a low down of the tools, Microservices and components that developers should keep track of. We also learned about Backstage, an open-source framework created at Spotify and how it can solve and improve the developer experience. View Claire and John's slide deck here. Jason Specland - Cloud Solutions Architect from Microsoft "Building Modern Microservices with Dapr" There's no denying that designing Microservice apps for resiliency is hard. With a million points of failure to worry about, and every microservice you add to your architecture introducing more of them, weren't microservices supposed to make our lives easier? In this talk, Jason from Microsoft shared with the audience everything that we need to know about open-source, language agnostic framework, Dapr. Jason also explored how Dapr can help us build applications that can seamlessly rebound from failures, no matter what language you love or what cloud you live on. View Jason's slide deck from the evening here. Štěpán Davidovič - Senior Staff SRE from Google "Measuring Reliability: What Got Us Here Won't Get Us There" With SLOs leading the way nowadays, we can't forget that they can also be misguiding and harmful in various surprisings ways. This talk coververed some of the pitfalls of SLOs, and useful ways to move forward. Štěpán explained to the audience that although SLOs might have been helpful for your reliability improvements, what got you here might not get you much further. Again, thank you to everyone who made the event last night and we hope to see you at the next event! The DevOps Exchange Community is growing, be sure to follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn to keep up to date with new locations, events and speakers. DOX Events are organised by LinuxRecruit - Continuous Delivery of top tech talent to innovative businesses. Check out our live vacancies today.


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