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Virtual DevOps Exchange December - Avesha, FirstHx, ServiceNow

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Join us on Wednesday 13th December for a virtual DevOps Exchange North America special event and our last Meetup of 2023.

With 3 fantastic talks lined-up, we're ending the year with a bang as we bring you the following expert speakers; Lachlan Holmes at FirstHx, tech enthusiast Adriana Villela and Hannah Maxwell, Producers of the 'Geeking Out' Podcast and finally Matt LeBlanc at Avesha and Hart Ripley at MOBIA.

The full agenda for the evening is listed below. RSVP as soon as possible to ensure you don't miss out.

We hope to see many of you join the event on the night!

To RSVP, please click here.


Lachlan Holmes, Chief Technology Officer @ FirstHx "Implementing SRE from scratch"

Embark on a journey into the world of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) with Lachlan, as he shares his experiences and insights into implementing an SRE practice in a digital health SaaS startup. Discover the crucial role of observability in production systems, and considerations when initiating an SRE capability, from tools to cultural change.

Bio: Lachlan Holmes, CTO at FirstHx. He has worked as a developer and technical manager in seven early-stage healthcare companies in his 25 years.

Adriana Villela - Sr. Developer Advocate at ServiceNow and Hannah Maxwell "Discover the surprising connection between baking and coding!"

In this talk, software engineer Adriana and baking-savvy daughter Hannah delve into troubleshooting experiences with French macarons. From early disasters to sweet success, they show how problem-solving unites their distinct disciplines.

Adriana Bio: Adriana Villela is a Sr. Developer Advocate at ServiceNow Cloud Observability (formerly Lightstep). She focuses on helping companies achieve reliability greatness by leveraging Observability, SRE, & DevOps practices.

Hannah Bio: Hannah Maxwell is a high school student living in Toronto, Canada, and works alongside her mom, Adriana, as editor and producer of the Geeking Out Podcast. She is heavily involved in the community, volunteering her time at a local food bank, at the Royal Ontario Museum, and as a turtle protector during turtle nesting and hatching season.

Matt LeBlanc, Senior System Engineer @ Avesha Hart Ripley, Solutions Architect @ MOBIA "Migrating PacMan to another Cluster/Cloud"

Migrating applications across cloud boundaries is challenging. Migrating stateful apps can be challenging, especially across different clouds. In this brief live demo, see how creating a global namespace (kubeslice) allows for easy migration of PacMan, a stateful and stateless application across clouds.

Bio: Matt LeBlanc is a System Engineer for Avesha. Matt’s mission is to make understanding new technology easier for the masses. With experience as an Engineer, technical trainer and racing coach, Matt makes technology consumable and relatable.

We hope to see many of you online for the event on the 13th!

All the best,

The DevOps Exchange team

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