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DevOps Exchange London April - ITV, Steve Wade, Worldpay

DevOps Exchange London last Thursday, no words!

Thank you to everyone who joined us last week at Worldpay’s offices in the City. This is the second time that Worldpay have generously hosted a DevOps Exchange event, and what a great success it was.

For this event, we welcomed to the stage; Tom Haynes, Platform Engineer at ITV, Kubernetes Consultant and Trainer Steve Wade and finally Daniel Chiriches, a DevOps Lead Engineer from our hosts at Worldpay. 

First on the agenda was Tom Haynes, a familiar face at DevOps Exchange, having previously spoken at an event in 2018. In his presentation, Tom delved into the history of ITV's Common Platform, now celebrating its 10th anniversary. He discussed the platform's initial objectives, its rollout, and the accomplishments of CPv3. Tom highlighted the platform's emphasis on striking a balance between freedom and control, facilitating developer self-service while maintaining best practices, reliability, security, and operational excellence.

We then welcomed Kubernetes Consultant and Trainer Steve Wade from Steve Wade Consulting. Steve shared his unconventional journey from professional footballer to technology, specifically focusing on building self-service platforms for developers on Kubernetes. Steve kicked-off his talk by giving an in-depth overview of Kubernetes. He then shared how he adapted skills from his time in the sports industry to the world of tech, the resources, communities, and strategies that facilitated his transition (and how you can leverage these in your career pivot) and finally, key lessons from his journey including the importance of continuous learning, embracing failure, and the power of community support.

Last, but certainly not least, Daniel Chiriches from our hosts at Worldpay dived into how declarative configuration-based tools like Terraform, Helm or Kubernetes Operators are reshaping DevOps practices and paving the way for more efficient, reliable and scalable infrastructure and software delivery. 

Daniel shared how declarative DevOps challenges traditional coding practices by emphasising declarative configuration over imperative scripts and how it encourages a paradigm shift towards infrastructure as code and automation. He also gave insightful tips and best practices for adopting these techniques within your organisation, along with strategies for overcoming common challenges.

Three tremendous talks which we hope you all found incredibly insightful (we did!). As always, we want to extend our thanks to everybody who joined us, our hosts at Worldpay, our speakers, our sponsors LinuxRecruit and finally everyone who was involved in making it a success!

Our next London event is scheduled for May and all details will be announced shortly via our Meetup group.

We hope to see you all very soon!

DOX Events are organised by LinuxRecruit - Continuous Delivery of top tech talent to innovative businesses.

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