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DevOps Exchange Manchester at DTX Manchester 2024

Join us at our next DevOps Exchange Manchester event on Wednesday 22nd May, taking place within the DTX Conference at Manchester Central.

Following a hugely successful event at last year's DTX London Conference, we are thrilled to yet again be a Strategic Partner for this year's event. DTX Manchester brings together tech leaders from all sectors to help answer tomorrow’s questions today and remains the largest gathering of enterprise IT and digital professionals that the North has ever seen.

New to DTX Manchester? The exhibition offers endless opportunities for attendees to discover the latest solutions, connect with your peers and learn from industry trailblazers.

The DevOps Exchange will take the stage at 4:15pm on the first day of the conference, Wednesday 22nd May and we have 4 great talks lined up for you....

First up, we welcome to the stage David Skinner from automotive giant, Jaguar Land Rover will be talking through key strategies to enable a MACH strategy enterprise wide.

Next up, Anna Aitchison from outsourced contact centre and customer service partner, CallCare will take the stage to talk around all things Kubernetes. From how it actually works, how it talks, how it remembers, how it's created, and finally how it's not actually that scary when you get to know it.

Mick Morse from business and technology consulting company, Slalom Build will then explore the different implementations of SRE teams including some team typical team visions and objectives that you can instil into your own team.

Finally, Danielle Summers from Redgate Software will be diving into the shifts in Developer Culture and will explore her experience in managing teams who fought against DevOps culture, why they acted that way and how RedGate Software resolved these conflicts.

*In order to sign up for this event, you must RSVP here but DTX also require all attendees to pre-register for the event here.


4:15pm: David Skinner, Head of Architecture @ Jaguar Land Rover

"Enabling Mach at Scale through Platform Engineering and DevOps"

In this talk, we will walk through the key strategies to enable a MACH strategy enterprise wide with some practical examples, focusing on how DevOps and Platform Engineering can be the key accelerators for your business.

4:45pm: Anna Aitchison, Senior DevOps Engineer @ CallCare

"Kubernetes Under the Hood"

Kubernetes is easy. Well, sort of: it's easy if you get a pre-made cluster, only want the basics, speak YAML and have good luck! But what if you need to brew your own cluster? What if you mess up the cluster by accident? What if you want something more? Or even if you just want to understand it? This talk is about how Kubernetes actually works: how it talks, remembers, how it's created and how it's not that scary when you get to know it.

5:15pm: Mick Morse, Senior Architect @ Slalom Build

"Building out a scalable effective SRE Team"

SREs play a crucial role in resolving issues and improving the availability, observability and reliability of an application. There are many different implementations of SRE teams, depending on company goals. In this talk we’ll discuss some of those implementations, typical team visions and objectives that you can instil into your team

5:40pm: Danielle Summers, Tech Lead @ Redgate Software

"Developer Culture"

In my career, I’ve seen multiple shifts in Developer Culture, from “the tech guys that do IT things” to core components of any business.

Recently, there has been another shift with the rapid uptake of DevOps across the industry, where Developers now throw problems over the “wall” to the DevOps team, or in some cases will actively fight to maintain control of aspects of a product that are better handled by someone else.

In this talk, I'll explore some of my experiences managing teams who fought against DevOps culture, why they acted that way and how I resolved these conflicts, ultimately improving team morale, trust and performance.


The DOXMAN team


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