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DevOps Exchange Manchester - January

Last night saw the DevOps Exchange Manchester host its first event of 2024, and despite the snow and freezing climates, we welcomed a great crowd at Bruntwood's offices in Manchester's Technology Centre.

We kicked off the new year with 3 superb speakers; Gary Bowers, Principal Cloud Architect @ ZencoreDylan Ratcliffe, Founder & CEO @ Overmind and Ryan Germon-Eccleshall, DevOps Engineer Apprentice at KPMG.

Unfortunately, we were not able to record last night's event. However, we have written a short synopsis of each talk below so that you can familiarise yourself with what was missed!

Finally, thank again you to every single one of you who attended last night. Our next event will be a virtual event with the legend that is Gene Kim as he shares the key ideas behind his newly released book, ‘Wiring the Winning Organization’, which was released in November 2023.

Keep an eye out for the event announcement via our Meetup page here.

Our next in-person event will be taking place within the DTX Manchester Conference between the 20th - 24th May (exact day to be confirmed soon). 

Gary Bowers, Principal Cloud Architect @ Zencore

First up on stage, we welcomed Gary Bowers from consulting and services firm, Zencore. Gary kicked off the talk by asking the audience 'why should we run our own LLM model?'. Following this, he then gave us a live demo on deploying LLM's to Google Cloud so that we can create and train our own self-hosted large language model using GKE and all the DevOps tools that we know and love.

Dylan Ratcliffe, Founder & CEO @ Overmind

Next up, Dylan who is the CEO and Founder of automated pre-mortem platform and SaaS Terraform impact analysis tool, Overmind took the stage to talk about screen-recording platform, Loom.Dylan uncovered the mystery behind Loom's recent  AWS outage and explained the complex factors that led to this unforeseeable event. We listened to; the intricate complexities behind the unexpected Loom outage, research findings on why unknown factors often lead to problems and practical methods from the same research to prevent outages when building platforms.

Ryan Germon-Eccleshall, DevOps Engineer Apprentice at KPMG

Last but certainly not least, we welcomed Ryan from multinational professional firm KPMG as he delivered an informative talk on "Load Testing and Integrating it within Azure".Ryan went into detail on exactly what Performance Testing is and shared with us real-life case studies/scenarios on how we can apply Performance Testing techniques to our software for a successful outcome, when integrating it within Azure.

Again, thank you to everybody who joined us for this event and a huge thank you to our speakers for their informative talks and our hosts, Bruntwood Sci-Tech for hosting. The DevOps Exchange Community is growing, so be sure to follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn to keep up to date with new locations, events and speakers. 

DOX Events are organised by LinuxRecruit - Continuous Delivery of top tech talent to innovative businesses.


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