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DevOps Exchange New York City - Sean Mack, CGI, Kusari

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Last night saw the DevOps Exchange host its 6th and final in-person event this year, in partnership with the DevOps Institute. The event took place in New York City and was generously hosted (for the 2nd time this year) by publishing giant, Wiley at their offices in Hoboken, New Jersey.

For this event, we welcomed to the stage; CISO and technology leader Sean Mack, Michael Lieberman from supply chain security specialist, Kusari (also our refreshment sponsors, thank you!) and finally Steven Lacroix from IT consulting firm, CGI.

Finally, to celebrate Sean D. Mack's recent book launch for "The DevSecOps Playbook: Deliver Continuous Security at Speed", we decided to do a giveaway at the event, where one lucky attendee walked away with a free signed copy of the book, not bad eh?

Unfortunately, this event was not recorded however we have put together a short synopsis for each talk below which we hope you find useful!

Michael Lieberman, CTO & Co-Founder @ Kusari "Extending Left: Bringing the Sec to DevSecOps Without the Pain" First up, we had Michael who delved into the ways modern security methodologies, such as zero trust, supply chain security, and policy as code, are propelling digital transformation, all while ensuring the satisfaction of hands-on keyboard engineers. He also highlighted that the shift of security from a mere gating function to an integrated part of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is not only enhancing security but also boosting development speed.

Additionally, he examined the utilisation of emerging open-source tools like GUAC to establish a robust feedback loop connecting development, security, and operations. Sean Mack, CISO, Author of The DevSecOps Playbook "The Future of Security is DevSecOps: How to Deliver Securely without Sacrificing Speed" Sean spoke to the audience about the advent of DevOps and how it has revolutionised the software delivery landscape. He then explored how foundational principles of DevOps can be harnessed to deliver secure products swiftly to market.

Finally, he shared his insights into the evolving threat landscape, effective threat responses, and the heightened importance of DevSecOps in the current scenario, enabling our audience to develop a comprehensive understanding of the DevSecOps toolchain.

Steven Lacroix, Vice President, Consulting Services @ CGI "Achieving Built-In Quality with Quality Engineering" Last but certainly not least, we welcomed Steven to the stage to talk around how organisations can achieve built-in quality with quality engineering. Steven shared real-life scenarios from his career so far and shared with the audience key takeaways for implementing this within an organisation. As always, thank you to everyone who made the event and to everyone who was involved in making it a success. As previously mentioned, this event was unfortunately our last in-person Meetup this year in New York. However, we will be hosting a virtual event next month, details to be announced very soon and will be published on our Meetup page. The DevOps Exchange Community is growing, so be sure to follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn to keep up to date with new locations, events and speakers.

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