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After a short hiatus, DevOps Exchange Barcelona has returned, kicking off with an incredible evening at the Glovo Head office.

The on-demand delivery startup, with their bright event space and built-in mini amphitheatre, was the perfect host for our 80+ attendees to enjoy hearing all about Infrastructure as Code transitions through Terraform, the architecture of large scale CI pipelines and Inhouse build farms as well as how to evolve from a start-up environment to a production-ready one. 


First up we had Glovo's own Dani Torramilans, who walked us through Glovo's transition to Infrastructure as Code through Terraform, preparing an IaC strategy that scales people-wise without losing visibility or wasting effort, as well as how Sentinel and Terratest can be leveraged to increase reliability and control when making changes.  Download Dani's presentation here.


Next Unai Rubio from SKALA asked the question "Why rent out computing capability when you have idle machines sitting in-house?" His talk was a love letter to the early cloud days and he shared the story and the architecture of a large scale CI pipeline built squeezing every ounce of power in the office. You can download a copy of Unai's presentation here.


Finally, we were joined by Victor Merino from Holded who talked us through his experience of evolving from a startup environment to a production-ready environment with Holder, and the challenges they faced along the way. Victor's presentation can be downloaded here. 


Check out Tweets from the evening by visiting @TheDoxHub. Have any photos of the evening? Share them with us! Tag TheDoxHub and #DOXELONA, we'd love to see them.


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