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An Evening with Gene Kim

DevOps Exchange ended the year on a real high with our December event – An Evening With Gene Kim. The award-winning CTO, Author, Speaker and DevOps luminary video conferenced into a packed auditorium at Sainsbury’s Tech Hub, which was also streamed to group of technology enthusiasts at Barclay’s Technology Team in Manchester. Gene has recently released his latest (and notoriously hard to get a hold of due to demand) novel, The Unicorn Project. Building on the DevOps frameworks and principles outlined in his earlier work, The Unicorn Project explores the five ideals for any successful DevOps function in high performing business. 

You can see his presentation here:  

“I've had the privilege of studying high performing technologies organisations since 1999”

As you can imagine, there was no shortage of questions for the DevOps guru and Gene kindly worked his way through as many as possible. From “Will you marry me?” (I’m happily married I’m afraid, but thank you) to “What's your take on DataOps?” (he was all for it).

You can catch the Q&A portion of the evening on the live footage here:

It was a brilliant evening and a great way to usher in DevOps Exchange 2020. We hope to see you all at an event next year!

Join your local DevOps Exchange Meetup group here to hear about upcoming events. If we’re not in your city just yet, get in touch – we hope to build many more communities next year.


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